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Air Bases for B-29 Bomber, ChengDu, Tinian, and Saipan
Fig 4.1 Air Bases for US bobmers and fighters to Attack Japan's Main Land
   In 1944, an air base for B-29 Bombers was constructed on Chinese Land, near city of ChengDu.

   Since that airbase is located in deep inside of Chinese land, fuel, bombs, and B-29s themselves had to be air-carried from India over Himarala Mountains.

   Another deficit by the distance is that B-29 could only get to the small western part of Japan.

    Therefore, once Sipan and Tinian were seized, airbases were built up quickly on these islands. Those airbases made it possible to attack most of Japan's main Land.

    When Iwo-Jima was conquered, airbase was made for P-51 fighters and for emergency landing of B-29. Now B-29s could fly to Japan with protection by P-51 fighters.