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Present City of Nagaoka
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73 years have passed since the Nagaoka Air Raid. The city in today is a very peaceful place.

Cherry Blossom and Castle like building on the Mount Yukyu
SPRING : Cherry Blossoms at Yukyuzan Park

Ski Ground in winter time of Nagaoka
WINTER : Ski Ground for Nagaoka Citizens

Famous Fireworks of Nagaoka over Shinano River
SUMMER : Fireworks in the air, heid on August 2nd and 3rd.

    The greatest thing in today's NAGAOKA is the Fireworks Festival on August 2nd and 3rd in every year. The biggest bulets become the shining fireballs of 2,000 feet diameter in the air. But please note that the fireworks are the commemoration of the tragedy of Nagaoka Air Raid. We must think about agonies of those who suffered in the summer of 1945.

+++ これらの写真は、長岡市商工部観光課のパンフレットから複写させていただました +++