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    In the next morning of the air raid, a girl, living in nearby village of Nagaoka, was told by her father to go to Nagaoka and to find her two sisters. They were living in Nagaoka; older sister, 20-year old, worked there and younger sister,14-year old, was a resident student. The girl left home by bicycle without having a breakfast. Although she got to the place where her father told her to go, she could not find her sisters. So she decided to get closer to the town of Nagaoka.

    -- Then she found two sisters lying on a rice field near Senzai-cho. They were covered with futon, and could not move. The older sister asked her to go back home and take clothes because the sisters' clothes were burned. No telephone was available, so the girl went back home five miles away by bicycle.

    -- She again headed to Nagaoka with her Mother and Father dragging a cart. The mother brought rice balls to feed two daughters. On the way, her mother put her on the cart saying that she should have been tired. It took two hours to get to Nagaoka, then she found only younger sister was lying in a garden of a house. The older sister had already been sent to the first aid station because of severe burn.

    -- Although the cart was brought to carry the sisters, it shakes and causes much pain for the severely burnt sister, the younger sister was carried by a door board to the first aid station. The father asked the younger sister a mathematics question. Then the girl wondered why her father made a such question. The father said that he worried whether his dauther's brain was okay or not. The younger sister said that the question was as easy as elementary school level.

    -- The first aid station was set in a school. The girl found the older sister laid on the ground. They waited for long time, then two girls were taken to an army doctor. Treatment was simple; the doctor just got rid of dirt, put some medicine, and wrapping with bandage. Burnt skin was peeled off easily. The father told the girl quietly that the younger would be saved, but the older could not survive the day. The girl decided that she would never quarrel with her sisters any more and sweared to take care of younger sister well when they go home.

    -- The older sister apologized about living in Nagaoka. If she had stayed at home, this could have not happened. And the older sister told the younger sister to calm down and to stand for the agony, saying everyone had pains.

    -- The younger sister was getting worse with more pain. The father and the mother asked the doctor to give her an injection. After several minutes, just 14 years of the younger sister's life was ended. The girl remembered it was at 2:40 p.m.

    -- Since the younger sister became quiet, the older sister wondered and asked. The father answered that the younger sister was sleeping, and told her not to speak much. But an hour later, the older sister also got worse. Again the doctor gave an injection, then the older sister died at 4:30 p.m. The girl heard that the injection was hydromorphine. Perhaps it might be an euthanasia.

    -- Putting two dead bodies on the cart, the family walked five miles to their home. The girl imagined how her 20 year old and 14 year old sisters tried getting out of the town under the fire. She thought that sorrow of her family would last until the last day of her life.(ref#2 pp410-414)